A Pool House Hideaway with Lexie Saine

Born in France but raised in California, designer Lexie Saine mixes her multicultural upbringing to create clean, modern interiors with warmth. We spoke with Lexie about her inspiration for her Menlo Park pool house that is just as stylish as the main house.



What is your design ethos? How do you add your signature California style and French roots to each project?

My design philosophy centers around blending form, function, and aesthetics. It’s crucial for a space not only to look beautiful but also serve its purpose effectively. It has to be more than just a pretty picture. The design should be intelligent in accommodating its function.

When it comes to remodels, one of the most rewarding aspects is rectifying poor design choices. I love solving the question, “How can we make it beautiful while reclaiming what has been lost?” Each project is completely unique with distinct goals, must-haves, and obstacles to address. Drawing from my California influences and French upbringing, I try to bring a fresh perspective to each project. I love to blend the clean and approachable Californian design ethos with the timeless charm of European aesthetics. 

Give me a herringbone or chevron oak floor any day. Throw in some ornate wall molding and I’ll give you back a space that feel simultaneously contemporary, inviting, and timeless. I thrive on the dynamic interplay of old and new, resulting in something truly one-of-a-kind and captivating. That’s the beauty of design - it defies expectation and often finds harmony where it seems unlikely.

How did you mix functionality with design in this pool/guest house?

Making sure the pool/guest house could handle anything was key. My clients playfully called it their “party pool house,” so I knew we need tough materials. My focus was on things that could handle spills and splashed without sacrificing looks. I selected Basilio porcelain tiles for the main areas, linking indoor and outdoor. Basilio has a natural stone-like look that eases the transition. I wanted porcelain specifically over stone or cement because it is low maintenance and extremely durable. It can take a beating without fading, etching, or staining.

In the bedroom, I used Platform porcelain tiles that look like white oak. This was again to make sure that wet feet traveling from the pool area would not mess things up in the bedroom. In the bathroom, I chose Terrazzo Renata field tiles which are a blend of marble and other fine aggregates. I love that it’s an eco friendly product made from pre-consumer recycled content while being strong and beautiful. Despite its mid-century association, it’s actually a European classic proved timeless. By utilizing tile, harnessing natural light, and skillfully contrasting light and dark tones in both the tile and cabinetry, the entire space beautifully embodies the concept of indoor-outdoor unity.

We love how you incorporated our Savoy collection in such an elevated way in your designs. What is it about that collection that draws you to it?

I’m little obsessed with the Savoy collection, finding myself drawn to it for a multitude of projects. Its versatility allows me to explore diverse directions and cater to various taste. What sets this collection apart is its seamless cohesion despite distinct elements. In the bathroom, I combined three formats from the Savoy collection alongside Terrazzo Renata for the floor. The vanity wall boasts Savoy Ribbed 2x8 in Lantern, infusing the space with grandeur and a captivating sense of drama.

For the shower walls, the Large Stack tile in Linen emerged as a perfect counterpoint to the vibrant vanity wall. The choice of Savoy Penny tile in Linen for the shower pan not only feels great under your feet but ensures a secure grip while taking a shower. By blending different textures and colors, the bathroom exudes a noticeable sense of importance.

August 18, 2023

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