Tour Casa Alpaca with Barette Widell

Barette Widell, one half of design duo Widell + Boschetti, takes us through her design process of her forever home, "Casa Alpaca", featured on the latest episode of Designer Home Tours.

Photography by Brian Wetzel



What is the story behind your home's name? What was the deciding factor with purchasing it?

When we purchased this home, it was originally called Suris of Swan Lane as the previous owners had an alpaca farm with the specific Suri type.  Once we purchased the home and inherited the farm, with adding on to the amount of alpacas we had and types (32 in total) , we wanted to change the name of the home to "Casa Alpaca" so it felt unique to us. The deciding factor of purchasing this home was that we saw ourselves growing old and living in this home forever.

What makes a home a “forever” home?

To me, it’s all about the feeling that you have when you are in the actual home.  The layout of our house makes every square inch usable space, which to me is the most important factor in functionality and, in turn, being there forever.

Tile creates a big impact in your home – with endless choices, how did you decide on your final selections? How did you make sure to incorporate the signature Widell + Boschetti style?

I really knew that what I wanted to create in this home was timeless elegance and something that I would never get tired of. With that said, being a designer and co-owner of Widell + Boschetti, my personal aesthetic always has an eclectic, bold, and no boundaries approach. However, by incorporating neutral color palettes, it balanced that.

How did you achieve unique spaces while maintaining a cohesive look and feel throughout your home?

Each room needs to be unique to its own, having its own personality and purpose.  However, it should all play a part to the full story and experience in the home.

Did you receive any feedback or must-haves from your family when designing their personal spaces?

Being fully honest and transparent here, anyone's feedback or direction did not matter as I had such a clear vision and was going to trust my intuition and gut when designing the home.  With that being said, my family fully trusts in my vision and capabilities of designing our forever home with everybody’s interests and personalities in mind!

September 10, 2023

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