How-To: Design a Kid's Bath to Grow

Top tips on how to style a bathroom that will grow with your children as they age.

Written by Sarah Lyon

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Parents receive plenty of decorating advice when it comes to setting up their child’s nursery or first big kid bedroom, but the design projects don’t stop there! Creating a bathroom that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing for your little one is also key. In order to avoid having to make a series of updates over the years, it’s best to think in terms of the big picture and focus on how you can style a bathroom that will grow with your children as they age. Not sure where to begin? We’ve outlined five main tips below to keep in mind as you begin the design process.

1. Avoid Specific Themes

While it may be tempting to outfit your child’s bathroom with decor that reflects his favorite animal, sport, or TV show of the moment, it’s only natural that little ones will change their preferences with time. What was last month’s obsession may quickly make way for something new, so it’s better to stick to a general color scheme when decorating in order to ensure that your child’s space always feels relevant. Take this opportunity to have fun with bright hues and patterns—a child’s bathroom should feel approachable and a bit playful. The star-inspired tile on this bathroom floor, for example, is whimsical and welcoming.

2. Get Organized

You’ll want to encourage your child to be as self-sufficient as possible when getting ready. Placing bins in a spot where little arms can easily reach them, as demonstrated in this bathroom, is one way to promote independence. Fill them with your child's day to day essentials such as hair supplies, floss, and lotion. Seagrass or wicker baskets are a sophisticated choice for storage—just because you have a young one doesn’t mean you need to opt for brightly colored plastic! Of course, if multiple children are sharing a bathroom, feel free to choose baskets in two different shades so that siblings know whose belongings are whose.

3. Experiment With Art

While you won’t want to commit to wallpaper that evokes a specific theme or phrase that your child may tire of down the line, art is easy to replace as needed. Rather than taking a piece to the framer’s, download printable images, or frame that masterpiece your daughter brought home from school. When you pop art into a frame at home, it’s easy to remove and replace with something else on a whim. Your child will enjoy being a part of this selection process and creating their own little gallery, too! 

4. Don’t Forget a Step Stool

A petite stool is a must in any kid-friendly bathroom. When your daughter’s little, she’ll like standing on it in order to see herself in the mirror as she brushes her teeth, and when she’s older, she can sit on it as she paints her toenails. Whether you opt for a neutral piece or something with more personality, you can’t forget this basic necessity.

5. Choose Resistant Materials

Let’s face it: The bathroom is a spill-prone zone, especially when young ones are involved. When picking out your tiles and thinking about surfaces, you’ll want to go for materials that will be easy to clean and will stand the test of time. Tile in particular is stain-proof and easily resists water and scratches, making it a go-to choice in high-traffic, kid-friendly areas. Tile is also long lasting, meaning that it will stand the test of time and look just as wonderful in 10 years as it does today—win-win!

September 17, 2021

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