How-To: Making an Entrance

You know how the saying goes: You only have one chance to make a first impression. Below, we’re sharing some tips for how you can maximize your entryway’s potential while ensuring that it’s equal parts practical and aesthetically pleasing.



1. Address Your Floors

When taking their first steps into your home, guests will certainly notice your choice of flooring. Why stick with plain wood floors when you can have some fun with tile? Opt for a color scheme and pattern that reflects your aesthetic, all the while being mindful of your home’s style and interior furnishings. You’ll want to select tile that complements your home’s exterior and the other rooms in your house, after all. That said, the entryway is an excellent place to be a bit playful and begin to showcase your unique personality and style, so there’s no need to be too rigid. For inspiration, we suggest turning to the spaces below all of which demonstrate a unique use of tile.

2. Corral Clutter

It’s all too common for the entryway to quickly become filled with clutter, whether it comes in the form of loose change, catalogs, or kids’ sports gear—just to name a few common culprits. However, an entryway filled with various odds and ends scattered everywhere just isn’t going to provide your guests (or your own family!) with a welcome, zen-like feeling when they walk through the door. This is where bins and containers become key. Opt for a console table that features a storage component (even just one shelf) below, and use this space to house stylish baskets that contain children’s gear, mail, and other day-to-day items that tend to pile up. Then get into the habit of doing a quick tidy every day so that your entryway area never becomes too out of hand. At the end of each week, go through the baskets and pare them down to ensure that they never become too full (and so that you don’t accidentally misplace that field trip permission slip for good!).

3. Add Plant Life

You’ll want to incorporate something green into your entryway to add an extra dose of life (and calm!). If you’re in the market for a petite live plant, snake plants and ZZ plants require minimal maintenance. No green thumb? No problem. Faux plants are fair game, too. As winter approaches, consider placing some dried berries in a vase for some seasonal flair. There’s no need to go all out fancying up your entryway for each holiday, but it’s a great spot to get at least a little festive.

4. Consider Scent

Your console table is a great spot to set a candle or two, which you can easily light at a moment’s notice when guests are en route or just to spice up the average evening at home. Fragrance can make such an impact on our moods and can also help make a house feel lived in. Once again, you can have fun with seasonal options here—guests will definitely take notice!

5. Hang a Mirror or Art

No entryway is complete without a mirror or some artwork. Whichever you choose to hang is up to you. A mirror is ideal for checking your reflection before dashing out the door, of course, but if you have a powder room also located near the entrance of your home, this may not be necessary. While the entryway isn’t necessarily the place to hang a gallery wall, as this type of setup can look too busy in a smaller space, it is a fantastic spot to place that oversized art piece you’ve been keeping in storage. Opt for something that will bring you joy every time you look and it and gives visitors a glimpse into your personality and style. Don’t be afraid to go bold! After all, this is your space; your design choices should serve to make you happy.

October 15, 2021

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