Scampi NYC with Parts and Labor Design

Bridging the gap between form and function, Scampi NYC was designed with visions of coastal Italy, post-modern design, and a touch of Bauhaus. We spoke with Parts and Labor Design on the key factors they consider when designing a restaurant.

Photography by Andrea Behrends, @pldnyc



What are some of the key factors you consider when designing a restaurant, especially one of this size?

We always start by creating a visual concept or a narrative, which bridges the gap between form and function. For this project, we also allowed the existing architecture to inform customer experience, leading in with high ceilings and a bar with plenty of standing room, then carrying through to more intimate dining spaces towards the back of the restaurant.

Where did you draw your inspiration for this project?

Coastal Italy and post-modern design with a touch of Bauhaus. Chef Calapa came to us with an idea of the food offerings which included light pastas, a variety of crudo and other seafood offerings. He supplied us with inspirational imagery that embodied a light palette of soft whites and creams, gradations of blues, light wood tones and textured plaster finishes.

How did you choose the tile for this project?

With a smaller space we wanted to utilize more finite textures. So rather than using larger format tiles and patterns, we focused on the idea that everything is at eye level and very tactile. The tiles work so successfully together based both on size and on color variation. They pair well with the plaster finishes and take contours beautifully, as we have many soft curves throughout the space. The tile and grout grid also offer a bit of structure architecturally from afar, which creates a really nice contrast to some of the more hand applied finishes – all creating what we feel is a really fun composition.

August 12, 2021

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