How-To: Creating a Luxury Retreat at Home

Your primary bathroom doesn’t need to be as spacious as that of a five-star hotel in order to serve as a calming retreat. With a few simple upgrades, you can create your own oasis at home that will make preparing for and winding down after a busy day feel nice and stress-free. Ready to get started? We’ve outlined some key steps to take below.

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Treat Your Senses

Everyone wants their bathroom to smell pleasant (as in, free of typical odors and the strong scent of cleaning supplies) but we’re all for taking things a step further with special fragrances. There’s a reason spas incorporate candles and diffusers galore—these accents will make your loo smell oh-so-luxe and instantly put you at ease as you complete your nightly skincare routine. Place one or two atop your bathroom vanity and take joy in the small ritual of lighting them each evening.

Update Your Linens

Many of us own bath linens that have certainly seen better days. Take this moment to toss, donate, or repurpose any towels that are no longer bringing you joy, then select some new plush linens that will make you excited to dry off. Stick with solid colors for a timeless, hotel-like look.

Choose Serene Colors

Whether you plan to paint or tile your bathroom or simply hope to select some beautiful art to hang, don’t forget to be strategic when choosing a color scheme. This ensures the space won't appear overwhelming as you get ready for the day bright and early, and it will help put you into sleep mode as you unwind at night. Light pinks, greens, and blues are all wonderful color choices, as are blues, grays, and whites, both for wall coverings and tiles. When it comes to artwork, nature scenes (seascapes, florals, birds, and the like) are excellent picks, as are abstract paintings or drawings featuring a pastel or coastal color palette.

Get Nice and Organized

The bathroom vanity can quickly become a dumping ground for any and all beauty products and unsightly day-to-day essentials if you don’t take proper action. Get into the habit of putting essentials back into your medicine cabinet after they’re removed; if you only use your nail polish remover once a month, it does not deserve prime sink-side real estate. Rather, reserve the top of the vanity for a candle, bottle of soap, and your toothbrush. If space allows, other oft-used items such as cotton balls, Q-tips, and bobby pins can be nicely displayed in elegant glass containers. Petite wicker or seagrass storage jars also look charming in a bathroom and can be used to hold stray lip balms, hair ties, and other small but important objects.

Incorporate Some Green Life

Plants aren’t just for your main living spaces; they will add plenty of charm to the bathroom, too! If your bathroom has low light, opt for a snake plant or ZZ plant, advises Anna Johnston, owner of Washington, DC based plant store Jungle & Loom. Rooms that receive more light make great homes for pothos plants or philodendrons. Air plants are also fantastic choices for the athroom, Johnston notes. “The best and biggest one in my opinion is the Xerographica,” she says. “It’s definitely a statement piece and would look beautiful on a shelf or even just on your sink.”

September 17, 2021

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